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Arguably the most influential group of muscles in the entire body; in short the posterior chain it is literally the prime mover of forward propulsion. Walking, running, jumping whether in a sporting environment or simply chasing after the kids at home, this group of muscles play a vital role in our ability to move and function in everyday life.

Standing around the office tearoom chatting to the boss, hiking with your best friend on the weekend, picking your toddler up off the ground or leaping in the air at footy training; these movements all require the recruitment of muscles in the posterior chain.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the current landscape we live in, many people (myself included as i stare at a computer to write this post) spend a large portion of their day sitting on their glutes (aka arses), subsequently resulting in a quad dominant society. Now although our quadriceps (front thighs) are still important muscles, these sedentary lifestyle patterns weaken our glutes and put a lot of stress on our smaller stabilising muscles. I could go into crazy detail regarding activation patterns and why this kind of imbalance ⚖️ between our anterior (front) and posterior (back) chains is bad, but in short often the result of the recipe created above is acute and chronic lower back pain.

Athlete or not, we have all experienced some level of back-pain in our lives and its never pleasant. Do yourself a favour and do not allow your ‘backseat’ 🍑 to take a backseat 🙊 Help prevent back pain and/or improve your sports performance by taking care of your rear end #buttjokes #cantstopwontstop

Deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, good mornings and all their many variations are great exercise to build a strong posterior chain!

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