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DIAMONDS... pfft... runners are a girls best friend

Yes, there is a shoe epidemic in our household. I’m not going to pretend to justify our problem with the following info but spoiler alert - you can never have enough new shoes 😜

In all seriousness, this week a discussion came up with one of my 1-on-1 clients regarding their ‘lucky’ shoes. Now, I’m all for good luck charms when it comes to sport (I have my own superstition or two) but when he complained of chronic knee and ankle soreness, it was clear to me that his good luck charms may be doing more harm than good!

In general, it is pretty common for someone to own the same pair of runners for several years. The problem however is the lack of appreciation for wear and tear.

You see runners are just like the tyres on your car. After a while the tread tends to wear thin, wheel alignment goes a bit and left long enough you’ll be calling the RACV (happened to a friend of a friend of mine 🤫)

From a footwear perspective, if your ‘wheels’ are worn out, chances are your gait has changed and subsequently the added demands placed on your body like knees, hips and ankles.

Just like you would service a car, regular maintenance is a must for footwear! The more miles (training) you do the more frequent you will need to go shoe shopping (bugger) Seek the consult of a quality podiatrist if you need advice on the best wheels for you and your training demands. #footwear

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