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Junior athlete development sessions are designed to educate young athletes on the fundamentals of human movement with a focus on increasing their resilience to injury.


During these sessions athletes will be coached through strength based movements, agility & reaction drills, running and speed development as well as jumping and landing fundamentals, all of which are designed to improve sporting performance and decrease the risk of injury.
We welcome both boys and girls aged 8 -16 years with sessions limited to 4 athletes to ensure quality coaching in a safe environment. 
All programs are written appropriate to their age, sporting experience and training confidence to ensure we maximise your child’s capabilities and enjoyment. Sessions run for 45min.




At 1L i am passionate about bridging the gap between community level and elite level sport in the Eastern suburbs. 


My private 1-on-1 S&C sessions aim to help develop an athletes athleticism and performance by provide access to professional coaching in a high performance based environment, normally of which is reserved for elite academy programs or institute of sport pathways. 
Whether you require movement coaching, strength development, running mechanics, speed, power, agility work or help bulletproofing your body against injury, each session is tailored to your needs, training age and performance goals. 




Outdoor conditioning sessions designed for field based athletes wanting to improve their aerobic capacity, speed, power and agility.


Conducted outside the gym, sessions are made up of aerobic, anaerobic, speed & agility training with a focus on running mechanics to improve aerobic efficiency and plyometrics for speed and power development.

Sessions run for 45min and are held over Spring & Summer. Reach out for updated session schedule and information.

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As a club it is important to not only provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment but one that is proactive in prioritising and investing in their players long-term athletic development.


1L team sessions aim to deliver affordable professional standard Strength & Conditioning coaching and support to clubs/teams, schools and athletes to aid and encourage higher levels of athletic performance. 

From strength, mobility and stability fundamentals, running/sprint training to agility/reaction drills and jumping/landing mechanics, 1L works alongside club coaches to ensure each session is tailored to meet the specific needs and training age of your team and it's players.

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