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Facebook you devil

Facebook ruined fitness!! 🙀🙀

Okay, that’s not entirely true. In fact, Facebook hasn’t done a thing to fitness. What it has done is help create an augmented version of reality, that has users referencing as a way of comparing what they see in the online world to their current ‘lived’ world and making judgements on the legitimacy of their lifestyle and existence based on these findings.

Facebook is not alone; apps like Instagram, Pinterest and many other social sharing platforms now hold significant staying power when it comes to influencing our everyday thinking and decision making. It’s funny how quick we are to dismiss the advice we get from people in our inner circle like our mum or work colleagues, but the second Beyonce (a complete stranger, someone we have never had a face-to-face conversation with) uploads a post on insta about an amazing new health care product and automatically we accept her word as true 👑

For whatever reason this new social world has users forgetting how to use common sense. We all know these influencers are paid to say positive things about products. We all know that bikini model couldn’t possible be that tanned during a Melbourne Winter. We are well aware that dudes 12 abs are photoshopped and not reality… but yet we still compare ourselves to these ‘fictional’ people and take their word as the bible!

The giant that is social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The scary thing is in fact it’s only just beginning. The key going forward is being able to draw a line and not get caught up in the social black hole. Question everything because believe it or not, just because it’s on facebook does not make it true!

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