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Too many people stress about what they eat and drink on holidays and worry about sabotaging their health and fitness efforts. They try and find a balance between enjoying themselves while still sticking to their goals (I’m sure that early morning run along the beach 🏖 sounded like a good idea at the time) but ultimately it turns into a ‘f#%k it’ and they end up binging, feeling guilty and punishing themselves for it.

Lets get this straight…. holidays are a reward for all our hard work. It’s a break from work, from home, from life, and the LAST thing that you should be thinking about is ‘how many calories in that cocktail’.

Life is made to be lived and when you are 80 years old, sitting on your couch crocheting blankets for your grandkids, I can guarantee that you won’t be worrying about that extra dessert and wine you had in Hawaii 40 years ago 🤔 What you will regret at 80 is not living and enjoying those experiences when you had the chance.

Yes, health and fitness is important. No, it should not take over your life. When you’re at home, enjoy a balance of 90% good choices, wholesome nutritious food and consistent training... but when you are on holiday don't think, worry or even contemplate calories or macros. Live your #1LIFE

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