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Teach by experience not age or gender!!

Just because a 30 year old has been walking and talking longer than a 17 year old, does not automatically mean they should be undertaking a more advanced program then the younger athlete.

Same goes when designing programs for different genders 🚻 Sure anatomy, biomechanics and hormone differences can increase the likelihood of varying strengths/weaknesses and susceptibility to injury between men and women, but that’s not to say that men can simply forgo any unilateral leg strengthening exercises because they’re less likely to sustain an acl rupture.

Believe it or not folks there are plenty of women 🏃🏼‍♀️that can lift more than many men🕺🏻There are also plenty of junior athletes that know their way around the gym better than you and i!

When it comes to designing programs, ‘training age’ is more important then ones physical age and every athlete needs to be assessed based on their individual needs, not pigeoned holed into certain programs/groups because of preconceived beliefs around age or gender.

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