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Plan your attack!

3 sets 8-12 reps: sound familiar? 🤔

Do u go in and do the exact same thing for every body part every time u hit the gym?Question, what are your goals and does that rep range match those goals? Strength, endurance, muscle building; they all require a different plan of attack. 📄

Generally speaking a high number of reps, up around 15+ is ideal for those wanting to increase muscular endurance.

For those looking to build muscle you first have to ‘break muscle’ Moderate reps of between 8-12 are a good starting point for igniting muscle damage and subsequently increasing new muscle-tissue production 💪🏼

On the flip side, reps of 5 or less that doesn’t have the same muscle-fibre damage/stimulation is a method used when trying to develop strength. You will see plenty of powerlifters training in this range 🏋🏼‍♀️

Sure there are exceptions to these rules especially if you are an experienced lifter. But if you’ve been doing the same exercises, the same way ever since you first started at the gym and wondering why your no closer to your goal; I suggest you question your strategy 🧐

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