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Training your feet & ankles… sounds ridiculous right?!

When you consider your feet and ankles are your base of support and dictate how your entire body moves, what ends up sounding utterly ridiculous is the fact that the vast majority of training programs NEVER include foot or ankle exercises 👟 Foot and ankle health is as important for the everyday working mum as it is for an elite athlete. Whether performing a squat 🏋🏻‍♀️ or picking up after your kids 👶🏼 weak feet and ankles contribute to faulty hip and knee mechanics, which indirectly affects the position of the spine. I often see people jump straight into the gym and start performing all sorts of lifts without first developing a solid foundation. They go in guns blazing with movements like a squat or deadlift and a few weeks later start complaining about pain through their knees or back and are wondering why their progress has plateaued. Put simply, weak feet and ankles throw you out of proper position on any lift or movement. Whether at the gym or at the office, a compromised base of support makes it impossible for your muscles to operate in the correct manner increasing your risk of injury. One of the first things that should be taught before putting any sort of weight on an athletes back is foot and ankle strength 👣 Yes, i know, good foot muscles don’t look as impressive as bulging biceps or a massive quad sweep, but pain free movement sure feels a hell of a lot better!

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