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Arse to grass... one of if not the single most common mantra heard coming from the squat rack.

Unfortunately the term is rather misleading; it suggests that in order to perform a squat correctly you must go deep, bum to the ground, all out.

However, like many things in the strength & conditioning/fitness industry, there shouldn’t be any hard and fast, rigid rules.

Sure there are a number of fundamentals to consider to ensure lifts are performed safely, however to suggest there is only one correct way to squat is simply incorrect 🙅🏼‍♀️

Now I’m not saying arse to grass squats don’t have their place, because they do. But the effectiveness of a squat can only be determined by the type of goal you are trying to achieve.

Are you looking for hypertrophy, strength, power? Are you coming back from an injury or looking to prevent one? Do you have a weak back or bad ankles that may limit your range of movement? Do you have an overactive VMO or misfiring glutes? These and a HOST of other factors can alter why you squat and how.

Whether you squat with a barbell or dumbbells. Whether you use a box, plates under your heels, toes in or out. Whether body weight or banded. Whether high rep or low rep, drop set or superset; the key is to make sure your technique and method of application for all exercises (not just when you squat) match your training goals/individual needs.

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