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Have a shake... It's that simple right?

*insert face palm here* 📷🤦🏼‍♀️

The amount of times I have been asked “such and such had amazing results and all she did was have this weight loss shake for breakfast… would you recommend them?”

In short… HECK NO!

I am well aware that we live in a world where quick and convenient rules. Whether it’s at the checkout 📷🛒 drive-thru 📷🍟 internet speed 📷📧 phone call to Telstra 📷📱 (you get me) we all want fast, timely service. Unfortunately when it comes to our health, quick and easy does not exist. Nor should it if you truly cared about your health and that of those around you!

HARD COLD TRUTH: There is no food, quick and easy shake or magic pill that will help you lose weight. Period!

The weight-loss journey has been unnecessarily complicated over the years thanks to google and social media. Really it is pretty simple - Be in a calorie deficit aka burn more energy than you consume (Disclaimer: please DO NOT starve yourself as that is just a whole other can of worms).

So why do people lose weight when they have these miracle weight loss shakes?

I’ll set the scene… If you normally consume 2 slices of toast with butter and jam for breakfast, naturally washed down with your morning coffee, calorie wise you are looking at 400+ (most of which aren't very filling or nutritious). Now lets say you swap your traditional morning meal for a ‘weight loss' protein shake of which contains only 150 calories. This simple swap instantly has you consuming 250 to 300 calories less.

Basic maths will show you that it isn’t necessarily this ‘wonder shake’ that produced these ‘miracle’ results your friends keep telling you about or that you keep seeing on insta, but rather the reduction in overall calories consumed.

Truth be told you could have a beer for breakfast and as long as you ended the day in a deficit, then you would lose weight.

My advice? Instead of spending money on expensive weight loss shakes filled with plenty of additives and sugars, invest that money into fresh fruit, veggies and meats that you can whip up for yourself. Let’s be honest, if these shakes and miracle pills actually worked and provided sustainable results, wouldn’t the worlds obesity crisis be over? Wouldn’t we all already be down the beach running Baywatch style with our 6pack abs out? 📷🏖

**Note: Unless it is Mad Monday i do not condone beer for breakfast.

- D

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