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Let me get straight to the point... It hurts my soul when money is an excuse for poor eating! Sure that wholemeal loaf is a few dollars more expensive than the no-name white alternative, but heart medication 💊 doctors bills 👩🏼‍⚕️and trips to the hospital 🚑 are all considerably more expensive than any of the bread varieties i have ever come across.

People forget that when it comes to overall quality of life, prevention is better than cure and nutrition is the first point of call. Remember, this is our health we are dealing with. The happiness of your kids and family. Your ability to perform well at your job. You cannot take your life back to the dealership and trade it in for a better one.

The key to anything is always in how we look at it! Rather than thinking about what makes the product so expensive, try asking yourself the opposite... why are others so cheap?

Cheap $1 supermarket chain bread = cheap ingredients. Surely your health and your families health is worth more than that?

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