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Good for you or good marketing?

Food, beverage and supplement manufacturers think you're stupid 🤪 In fact, their marketing strategies rely on it!

For instance, it may be that the aforementioned Willy Wonker candy makers of the world are hoping you'll equate ‘fat free’ with ‘healthy’ or ‘nonfattening’ so that you forget about all the sugar their products contain 🍭🍫 It's a classic bait and switch.

Similar strategies are used when it comes to marketing products actually advertised as a ‘health food’ such as protein bars and supplements.

Truth be told, a quality protein powder (like it or not) doesn’t taste very good. And by very good i mean, wont taste like that sweet delicious rich chocolatey brand you can find on the shelves at your local supermarket.

Why? Because even though they aren’t necessarily the best products for you, supermarkets won’t stock lines that taste like crap.

Now, not all quality proteins taste horrible 🤢 The point i am trying to convey is that your local supermarket doesn’t have your best interests at heart, but rather it’s own. When it comes to their supplement range, products make it onto the shelf dictated by taste, colour, packaging, marketing catch phrases and not necessarily based on the products actual ‘health benefits’.

One quick glimpse down the supplement aisle and words like ‘slim’, ‘trim’ and ‘shredded’ jump out at us from the front of all the brightly coloured packaging. You would be shocked however to see what jumps out at you upon reading the nutrition information on the back.

Supermarkets are designed as a one stop shop. They offer bits and pieces of everything but never the best of everything. Simply put, they are a jack of all trades but master of none.

When it comes to quality and variety, specialty stores will always trump the big providers. For quality meat you generally hit up the local butcher 🥩 For market fresh vegetables, the green grocer 🥑 Bread, the local bakery 🍞 Then doesn’t it make sense to hit up a supplement store for quality supplements?

If you choose to buy your protein (or any supps for that matter) from the supermarket 🛒 next time take a read of the nutritional information and make sure that tasty protein isn’t simply well marketed sugar.

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