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🥖 GLUTEN FREE, the diet taking society by storm. Dedicated supermarket isles, gluten-free specific menus at our favourite restaurants and local cafes. But is following a gluten free diet actually healthier for you?

The controversial answer: No

The truthful answer: HELL NO

⚖️ Of course celiacs and those who suffer from an intolerance benefit from adopting a diet free from gluten. But for the everyday person, the notion that all #glutenfree products are better for your health and weight management is simply incorrect.

🍝 Now I know there are people reading this who have voluntary (non-medically) adopted a gluten-free diet and have experienced an improvement in their general health including positive fat loss results. But I ask you… what products first come to mind when you think ‘contains gluten’? Pasta, breads, cereals - products that are traditionally known to be consumed in excess as is (mums spag Bol is delicious after-all)

🥊 The punch-line: It isn't necessarily the gluten in these products that caused your weight-gain but rather the overall surplus of calories consumed.

💰This overwhelming insecurity about our weight and bodies has the corporate world licking their lips. ‘They’ know that ‘gluten-free’ wording on their products creates dollars for their bottom-line.

📚 Educate yourself, check the ingredients and don't assume that just because its gluten free it’s healthier… a gluten free Tim Tam is still a Tim Tam.

- D

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