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Candy for breakfast?

Just because it’s topped with fruit doesn’t make it ‘healthy’ Just like putting lettuce in a burger wont automatically cancel out all that delicious cheese and bacon 📷🍔

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for never making a particular food or food group completely off limits; whether it’s chocolate or ice cream, everything has its time and place. A burger here or there won’t kill you. The problem however isn’t what we consume every now & then, it’s the ‘everyday’ foods that society has us thinking are ‘good’ when in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Muesli bars and granola for example; topped with fruit, filled with mixed nuts and whole grain oats... all things we have been told are ‘healthy’ but what binds all that delicious goodness together?... Honey, sugar, syrup that’s what! Some so much so that they rival our favourite chocolate bars when it comes to sugar content 📷🍫📷🙀

Admittedly not all muesli bars and granola brands are a diabetics worst nightmare; but can you tell the difference between a good product and good marketing?

Take home note: Always read what’s on the back and not just what’s on the front of product packaging. Empower yourself with the necessary information to make choices that suit you and your needs.

Ps this bowl lasted all of about 3 minutes #postworkouthungerfeels

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